&ever grow tower

our stunningly looking medium-sized grow solution to provide fresh greens to be harvested on demand on location in supermarkets, restaurants, canteens.

what it is

Grow Tower

as the first of its kind vertical farming solution, the grow tower provides a customizable output of between 20-50 kg of leafy greens per day. due to its engaging design, the grow tower can be displayed prominently to attract the attention of its audience. as a one-stop-shop, the system can easily be operated by untrained staff.

how it works

Greens Growing

the &ever grow tower is built as a square box but on the inside, the plants are cultivated in the shape of a circle. young plants are being put on the inner circle and are pushed out to towards the outer circle. while plants are growing and “traveling” to the outer circle, the available space for them increases due to the larger diameter of the circle. due to this setup frequent reshuffling of plants caused by their increased size is avoided.

for the &ever grow tower two proprietary technologies of &ever come to play: the climate cell and bestponics.

climate cell

the &ever climate cell creates a steady microenvironment to allows plants to grow independently of weather, seasons, and pests. apart from assuring ideal growing conditions the climate cell also secures the highest amount of energy efficiency.

climate cells are built in a modular approach that allows scalability as well as varying climate conditions for different plants. the climate cell can be placed into existing buildings as well as greenfield developed buildings.


the &ever grow tower uses bestponics as the core grow technology. with bestponics seeds are put into a pot with granulate and nutrients. for the next weeks, just the right amount of nutrients are released to the plant so that it can grow perfectly. this is the reason why the &ever grow tower only needs water and can be run by untrained staff. through a wick, the plant can get exactly the water it needs. consumers will be able to harvest the plants only moments before consumption, resulting in higher nutritional value, better-tasting greens, and less food waste.

from whom it grows greens

Salad Bowl

due to their capacity and the used core technology of bestponics, &ever grow towers work great for on-location solutions for retailers, supermarkets, and smaller canteens. basically, every outlet targeting consumers who prefer natural and locally grown greens or look for superior tasting food.

what sets it apart