Kalera Munich

Our headquarters do not only host part of our german team but also our showroom grow tower. 

A show room that grows every day

One of the two sites in Munich, our grow tower in the Kalera EMEA headquarters plays an important role as a testing ground for new varieties and optimizations to our grow tower solution. It continues to evolve and improve every day.

Our first grow tower in a supermarket

Grow Tower

A success from day one, our grow tower at edeka stadler and honner in unterföhring near munich has been delighting shoppers by his freshness and stunning looks. It is a very clear indication that there is a strong demand in our communities for better tasting greens and herbs that are harvested on demand.

Crazy about vertical farming, in love with good food

We work hard every day to make the global rollout of our systems and products a reality. Apart from this, cooking is one of our favourite pastimes and being so close to fresh greens certainly comes in handy when we prepare lunch in the munich office.