our why

the reason why we go to work every day to push the indoor vertical farming agenda forward. 

at &ever, we think that the current way greens and herbs are supplied to consumers is broken. focusing on mass production and the lowest price, suppliers and retailers have been presenting consumers salads and herbs that may are large in size but lack a great taste and high levels of nutrients. also, long transport distances and a high percentage of food waste negatively impact our planet and the environment.

we believe that the current approach is actually not what consumers want. they do not want even higher quantities of greens at a cheaper price, they want better tasting food that is rich in nutrients and does not negatively impact the planet. they want salads and herbs so rich in flavour that they make sugary sauces and flavourings obsolete. they don’t want bigger and cheaper, they want tastier and healthier.

our founder, mark korzilius realized this in 2015 when he tried to source more high-quality salads for one of his restaurant projects. he went around the world and talked to suppliers and farmers. frustrated with what was proposed to him, he decided to build his own technology to locally grow greens and herbs in vertical farms with an incredible attention to detail and a determination to challenge the status quo. since then, &ever has build its first mega-farm in 2020 in kuwait and launched its first grow tower in 2021 in munich. our journey continues.

harvest on demand

&ever Salad Box

if you want to assure the highest level of freshness and taste in a leafy green or herb there is a very simple solution: do not harvest it until the moment you consume it. that is why both our growing technologies dryponics and bestponics are built around the idea to keep the plant alive right up to the point of consumption. the result is noticeably richer taste and better freshness that brings back leafy greens not only as a filler and sidekick but as an active contributor of freshness and flavour to oner’s dishes.

locally grown

&ever Kitchen image

one may find more and more options of locally grown greens, but they are all cut, pressed into plastic containers, labeled as a superfood, and placed next to each other at retailers around the world. after weeks of meticulously managing optimal growth conditions – not too cold, not too humid, not too wet – growers turn their great tasting crops into a packaged commodity that quickly deteriorates, loses texture, strength, taste, nutrients, and secondary metabolites. all of that to follow the retailers’ instructions who have exact requests on shelf life, packaging, etc. – as stated, none of which is focusing on what the customer actually wants.

100% pesticides free

&ever Salad

one of the biggest advantages of indoor farming is that it is indoors. our patented grow technologies keep external attacks like pests etc. out which makes the use of pesticides or bio-pesticides redundant. sometimes you just have to close the door on nasties.  

more resource-efficient

Local Greens Image

imagine you can save 95% of water and reduce the transport distance of your product by 97%. would you still hang on to the old ways of cultivating greens? neither did we. 

let's sum things up