taste & technology

Technology enables nutritional security as an answer to the most pressing issues in today’s world. This applied together with wisdom might allow for a good, or even great, Anthropocene which demands humans to use their growing social, economic, and technological powers to make life better for people, stabilize the climate, and protect the natural world.

&ever is taking an active role in this global movement to transform our global food production system to meet consumers evolving need for healthy, nutritious food for all and conserve our planet’s precious resources for future generations.

&ever is taking part in an agricultural revolution that will reshape the way we farm, ship, and consume greens. This revolution is being driven by five megatrends:

the political economy under scarcity

the new-age consumer

health and wellness

digital catch-up

sustainable living

food vs. nutritional security

Of great importance is the distinction between food security and nutritional security as the challenge is no longer simply about ending hunger. The United Nation estimates that the obese now outnumber the chronically underfed and one-third of all food grown is being wasted. A Lancet Commission (2019) report estimates that, worldwide, unhealthy diets account for up to one in five premature deaths every year.

The current agricultural business model and its underlying technology has to take some responsibility for the untenable state of affairs today. In their quest to produce ever more food, farmers have been incentivized to disregard environmental costs leading to a depletion of biodiversity, pollinators (e.g. bees) and soil health, as well the social costs associated with scarce resources like water and energy.