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passionate hobby chefs

we believe in pushing harvest on demand forward.

since 2015, when we were founded by serial entrepreneur and former vapiano founder mark korzilius, we have been working tirelessly on our mission: provide consumers around the world with fresh, locally grown, and pesticide-free salads and herbs, which can be harvested on demand.
we are firmly convinced that salads or herbs should not be transported 200 km to the consumer, that pesticides can be avoided and that cultivation methods that save 95% water should be given priority.

our products not only actively contribute to climate protection and more careful use of resources, but it also allows us to produce salads and herbs that are far above conventionally grown vegetables in terms of taste and nutrient content.

with our vertical farms and in-market grow towers, we give each plant just as much time, space, and light as it needs to develop the perfect taste. thanks to our harvest-at-home technology, our plants live on until they are consumed at home and so do not lose any nutrients or freshness.
to make our ambitious mission a reality, an international team has come together at currently four locations worldwide. we celebrate our differences to get the best solutions, we experiment and learn from our mistakes. what unites us is the desire to advance things, implement sustainable solutions, and create visible results.

meet our founder and ceo

mark henner

mark korzilius

mark henner

henner schwarz