harvest on demand

by Mark Korzilius (Founder)

I will never forget the very first second I ever tasted rucola salad that was fully grown indoors.
After 12 years in the restaurant business, I knew that it was very hard to find rucola that was rich in taste, slightly acidic, robust but distinctively different than those crops that I would normally receive from my importer.
I wanted to understand how growing such exceptionally tasting crops indoors works and decided to meet with different companies around the globe. Most companies I met had one method or another to grow indoors but all of them struggled to market their products in a rewarding way.

The challenge was and still is, that we all deal with a well-established commodity market where rules and procedures have been defined by major players on the farming and distribution side. The consumer has not been a relevant factor in this process until very recently where it is now being driven by local farm movements, blockchain developments, and the emergence of hyper-local indoor farms.

locally grown

You may find more and more options of locally grown greens, but they are all cut, pressed into plastic containers, labeled as a superfood, and placed next to each other at retailers around the world. After weeks of meticulously managing optimal growth conditions - not too cold, not too humid, not too wet - growers turn their great tasting crops into a packaged commodity that quickly deteriorates, loses texture, strength, taste, nutrients and secondary metabolites. All of that to follow the retailers’ instructions who have exact requests on shelf life, packaging, etc. - none of which is focusing on what the customer really wants.

So, the solution was to create a new category focusing on taste, nutrient content, pesticide-free, food waste reduction, and freshness. Therefore, I created a concept of growing baby leaf varieties, salads, and herbs that would never be refrigerated and never packaged under atmosphere. Our product can be delivered as a living plant that allows restaurants, consumers, and retailers alike to receive an ultra-fresh, clean salad that continues to grow while waiting to be harvested on demand. This would yield the same great tasting rucola that I had tasted at the beginning of my journey.

100% nasty free

Today, with a fast-growing team, we are happy to have created our proprietary and patented grow system and operate a large indoor farm in Kuwait. What makes us proud as a team is not so much our patents and achievements on the technology front but, above all, that we deliver distinctively different greens that are superior in taste.

Our promise to you, our customer, is that we never triple wash our salads in chemicals, package under atmosphere, or treat with pesticides.


Founder, Agri-Revolutionary

“Open field agriculture has many disadvantages: seasonal impacts, weather impacts, high labor intensity, and the necessity to use pesticides to reach sufficient outputs. Food waste starts on the field as up to 20% is already lost during the harvesting process.

Fertilizers spilled into groundwater have a huge environmental impact. Insects are dying through neonicotinoids.”


Head of HR, Environmentalist (and mom of 3 kids)

“Here at &ever, we have a fully committed team driven by a strong and common purpose to provide hyper-local greens that are 100% pesticide-free and produced using 90% less water than traditional agricultural methods.

We accomplish this by using our own indoor vertical farming system that is arguably the most energy-efficient on the globe.”


CEO, Food Enthusiast

“I instantly fell in love with &ever when I first tasted it. It was a leaf of Thai Basil in our R&D farm in Hamburg. What taste! So fresh, crunchy, and much more intense than anything I have ever tasted before.

Highest nutrient values, yet 100% nasty-free. From that moment on, it has been my personal mission to make this amazing product available for you as our valued customers, too.”